Thursday, May 30, 2013

Conceal Rx Review

Conceal Rx Physicians Strength Concealer - Natural Light
When it comes to concealers, I am willing to try any and every concealer until I find the one that will completely cover every imperfection on my face. For quite some time now I have heard everyone and their grandmother go on and on about how amazing this product was. Apparently  it would completely hide all imperfections, lasts a very long time, make you fly, give you superpowers, and turn you into a mermaid. (Totally kidding about those last couple of details) I finally gave in and decided to try out this concealer and see if it was really as great as everyone says it was.
1. This concealer only comes in two shades.
I am of a medium skin tone and was worried that this concealer was going to be extremely light on my skin. If you have darker skin I wouldn't recommend this to you. I however, was able to work with this concealer and make it work.
2. Price.
This product is on the high end of drugstore concealers when it comes to price. I bought this concealer for a little more than $9 at CVS.
1. Easy to blend and work with.
Like I said before this concealer was a little light for my skin tone. Luckily, this concealer is very easy to blend with foundation and powder and you can't even tell that you have it on.
2. High coverage.
If you are looking for a concealer with complete coverage, then I highly recommend this one for you. With this concealer I was able to hide even the most stubborn hiper-pigmentation on my face.
3. Lasts a long time.
This concealer is great for long days. When I put this on in the morning, I know that this concealer is going to stay on all day and I won't have to touch up throughout the day.
4. Good quantity of product.
Even though this product is sort of pricey for a drugstore concealer, you get what you pay for. I literally use the smallest amount (like in the picture) and I get full coverage all over my face. The tube is completely full and lasts a long time.
5. Drys well.
When you put this concealer on it is very creamy and workable. As opposed to other concealers that dry flaky and lighter, this product drys very smoothly and a bit darker which is good for my skin tone.
Another note: This concealer does dry a little quick so you have to apply and blend it quickly.
I do know that Physicians Formula has a green concealer that I haven't tried out.
Overall, I really loved this product and understand what all the hype was about. I will certainly be repurchasing it when I run out.
I hope you enjoyed this review :) Let me know of any of you favorite products in the comments :)

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