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April Favorites - 2014 | Elizabeth Vasquez

Hello Everyone!

As it may seem, I cannot seem to start a post without apologizing for a unexpected disappearance. These last couple of weeks have been a complete roller coaster which seems to have reached the end of its course. So many life issues came up and I had little to no time to myself. Now that things have settled down, it is safe to expect regular posts on a more frequent basis. The month of April came and went and I loved a couple of products and thought it would be fun to share them with you. 

April Favorites

Simple Soothing Eye Balm: This eye balm claims to "sooth and relax tired eyes," which I did not see much of. It is however, very good at moisturizing the eye area. I had a very bad dry patch on my eye lid that made it very difficult to apply eye shadow on top of. A couple of days after using this product, the patch was gone. I love to use this all around the eye area to keep everything moisturized.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: This year's strange pattern of weather has had a negative affect on my skin. I went from having oily skin to having dry skin. There were a couple of areas on my face that never seemed to have enough moisture regardless of the amount of cream I used on them. After using this cream, those area are smooth and no longer dry. I use this cream night and day and cannot get enough of it.

Vaseline Lip Therapy: Last month my lips had a negative reaction to a lip product I was using. They were extremely sensitive and had little bumps on them. They weren't noticeable to others but felt horrible. After a second reaction, I discovered what product it was and threw it away. I used this product on its own to help my lips recover and it worked wonderfully. My lips are better than before and super hydrated.

TRESemme Non-Aerosol Hair Spray: During the month of April, I found myself curing my hair more often than usual. When I curl my hair, I like to go for a messy look and not too serious. After wrapping my hair around my curling iron to make loose waves, I would run my fingers to make them a bit messy. I loved to spray this to keep everything together and not stiff.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer: I was way too excited when I found this concealer in K-Mart. This concealer is beautiful to use to highlight and cover any imperfections. It is creamy and has amazing coverage. I use this under my eyes, on my forehead, down my nose and chin area. It does not crease, and is easy to blend.

L'Oreal Tru Match Foundation: I have no clue why it took me so long to try this foundation. I picked this up for no particular reason, and I am hooked. It matches my skin tone perfectly and there are enough shades to match anyone. I apply this with a Beauty Blender for a flawless and easy base. It has medium coverage but can be built up. I highly recommend this to everyone and ask that you give this a go at least once.

MAC Lipstick Kinda Sexy: I have been wearing this lipstick nonstop since I purchased it. It is a slightly darker pinky-nude shade. It goes with any look and is beautiful in person. I believe this is one of the new shades that was released and should be in everyone's lipstick collection.

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Pressed Powder (Translucent): After looking through my makeup collection, I rediscovered this product. I was back and forth with whether or not I liked this product when I first purchased it. I currently use this to set my under eye concealer and anywhere else that I highlight. I love how this keeps my concealer in place and brightens the areas that I highlighted.

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara: The most basic, yet most wonderful product it this one. I have wild eyebrows that are very thick and dark. Since they don't need to be filled in, I would just leave them to do what they wanted. I started to use this clear gel on my brows and there is no going back for me. It keeps my eyebrows in place without looking stiff.

Fashion: I have been on a accessory craze this season. I have been going out of my comfort zone and trying larger pieces of jewelry. I purchased these two pairs of earring at Forever 21 for about $3 a pair. I think that they add something new to an outfit and I am loving trying to accessorize outfits.

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
I have many different posts planned so please come back to visit.
I love you all to the moon and back <3

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