Thursday, February 20, 2014

L'oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray

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Our high-performance finishing tool now at your fingertips. Get targeted root application with our unique fan spray for instant lift and fullness. Strong hold boosts body on any style for a voluptuous, textured look that lasts. - L'Oreal Paris

A new product released by L'Oreal is the Boost It High Lift Creation Spray. This spray claims to give your hair an instant lift and tons of volume. The spray comes out in a fan-like, or straight-horizontal manner instead of a general spray. The texture is very similar to that of a hairspray without the stiffness or crunchy effect. There is no sticky feeling left after you spray it in your hair either. The smell is pleasant and not the common chemical smell. With my very fine, flat hair I like to spray this in my roots, or all over my hair when it is curled. This is by far the best spray I have ever used for volume. You can instantly see so much volume in your hair once this is sprayed. The best part is that the volume stays throughout the day. There isn't the feeling of having to fluff your hair up every 5 seconds to add volume to your hair. The bottle is small enough to carry in your handbag and the product itself is very inexpensive. I will be stocking up on this product the next time that I go to the drugstore, since I'm not sure if I'll ever find anything better.

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