Friday, August 30, 2013

Color Tattoo Metal Collection

Hello Everyone!
I would like to start of by apologizing for the lack of blogging I have done this week. This was a rather hectic week for me since I had a lot going on at the same time. Some of you may know but I started my second year of University this week. Between trying to adjust my schedule for classes, trying not to get lost on campus, dealing with horrible weather and did I mention trying not to get lost, I didn't really have time to blog. However now that my first week is over I am much more comfortable in my classes and can restart my blogging as usual!
Another reason behind my lack of blogging was my anxiety. It has been much worse this past month or so and I am not too sure why. Dealing with all that I had to deal with plus my anxiety was rather difficult, but I am getting through it.
Well, let's get started!
Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24 hr Eyeshadows

Metal Collection

Left: Barely Branded (70)
Right: Inked in Pink (55)

Freckles on my hand LOL
I have already done a review on Maybelline's Color Tattoos here, but they recently released the Metal Collection which offered some new colors that I very much enjoyed. Since I like very neutral colors on my eyes, I only bought two of the new original Color Tattoos. In the Metal Collection I fell in love with these two new colors. Barely Branded (70) is a beautiful champagne color and Inked in Pink (55) is a pretty pink color (shocker haha!). I love using these two as bases for my eye and they really make my eye makeup look so much better. When I use Barely Branded I will either apply it all over my lid and then apply a very neutral color like Toast from Sleek on top, or I will use it in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them. I love using Inked in Pink on lazy days when I just want a quick splash of color on my lids and just apply it all over.
The quality of these cream shadows is UHHMAZING! They stay on my lids all day and I don't have to worry about touching them up throughout the day. The packaging is perfect since the clear jar allows you to see what color you are getting and they are small enough to just throw in your handbag to take on the go. The price is very reasonable for the quality that you get from these products. They are around $6 and can be found in most drugstores.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have you tried the Metal Collection?
What are your favorite cream eyeshadows??

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hello Everyone!

A couple of days ago I hit 100 followers on GFC. I seriously can't believe I was able to accomplish that much in one Summer. The amount of support I have received on my blog is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Being able to write about something that brings me so much joy and makes me so happy is unbelievable. The best part is that other people enjoy what I have to say. 

When I first started this I was just writing down my thoughts and never really thought anyone would even read it. It was just a place for me to escape all the things that I normally wouldn't be able to. Here I could truly be myself and share what I had to say. At first I was a bit afraid that people would judge me and not like what I wrote, but as the followers number grew so did the encouragement.

I don't think my followers know this, but the comments that I receive from them really make my day. A simple "I really enjoyed reading this post" can turn my day from horrible to great. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. This was a huge milestone for me and a great accomplishment. Again thank you for letting me be myself. I love you all.

See you soon :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

International Beauty Swap

Hello Everyone!
For a little over a month now I have been working on a very special little beauty exchange with a fellow blogger. I met Courtney (Cheap But Chic Beauty) through my blog and we decided to do a beauty swap. Since I am from the U.S and she is from the U.K, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite products with each other. Through much communication and a little help from our blogs we gathered a few items we thought the other would like and sent them to each other.
1. Montagne Jeunesse - Strawberry Souffle Mask
2. Montagne Jeunesse - Passion Peel Off Mask
3. Montagne Jeunesse - Green Tea Peel Off Mask
4. Malibu Lip Care Balm Set of 3
5. MUA Eyeshadow Palette - Heaven and Earth
6. Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick - Berry Sorbet
7. Natural Collection Juicy Lips Lip Gloss - Fondant
8. Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks - Peach Melba
9. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Medium
10. MUA Blusher - Bon Bon
11. Bourjois Bronzing Powder - 52
12. MUA Nail Polish - Bright Coral
13. MUA Nail Polish - Pistachio Ice Cream
14. Collection Nail Polish - Milkshake
15. Pretty Nails Caviar Nail Pots
16. True Spirit Earrings
and a Birthday Card :)
I absolutely love everything that I received and am so grateful. I wish I would have show you guys how beautiful wrapped everything was, but I was so excited I just tore everything open before I could haha! I have already tried some of these products and they are amazing!
This was such a lovely experience and I am so glad I was able to experience it with a fellow beauty blogger.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have you done a beauty swap?
Would you like to?
Thank you to my 94 Followers! I love each and every one of you <3

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Orange Attitude

Hello Everyone!
As many, if not most of you know, it is back to school season. I honestly have no clue where this summer has gone, but I'm excited to see what the rest of the year has to bring.
Now I am aware that many people may not particularly like to wear lipstick. Since it is back to school season, I thought I would share one of my favorite products for people who are in school, or want a lip product that isn't a lipstick.

Maybelline New York's Color Whispers were a must have for me this Summer. The quality of these lip products are truly awesome. They feel amazing on the lips and are a great product just to throw in your handbag or backpack and take with you for a day out. They are perfect to just whip put and throw on a splash of color on the lips. You don't really need to apply a moisturizer before applying because it feels like a moisturizer in itself. Unlike the Lip Butters (which I love just as much), these Color Whispers are slightly more pigmented. The Color Whispers do have a slight smell, but it isn't a bad smell and doesn't last very long. They also don't have much of a taste which is a problem that I have had with other lip products.
Like some of you may know, I decided that I would try to expand my lip color selection outside of my usual red or nude lip. This was a great way for me to experiment with new colors without feeling overpowered by them. If you are a student and aren't allowed to wear much makeup, or just want some color on your lips but nothing too strong, these are perfect for you. Orange Attitude is so far my favorite of the bunch and I use it regularly. Now don't be scared when you first open the tube and see this neon color. Once you apply it to the lips, they sheer out and make your lips look/feel beautiful. I purchased this Color Whisper in Walmart for $5.94.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a great semester!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Social Networks

Hello Everyone!
Recently I made completely new profiles on my social networks. There was alot of things that really wasn't important on my old ones, so I decided to delete them.
This are great ways of getting to know my outside of my blog!
Blog (of course):
My Facebook is private. It is mainly a way for me to keep in contact with family and close friends. If requested, I will create a Facebook page that you can follow. There I can provide information on future posts and projects I am working on, plus sneak-peeks as to what's to come on my blog posts.
Now like I have mentioned before I'm too insecure to make videos, but I decided that this might change. I have a personal goal on the amount of GFC or Bloglovin subscribers that I want to reach before I attempt to make videos. If I reach my goal I will make a YouTube Channel and share with you things that are rather difficult to share in a post :)
Hope you enjoyed this :)
Feel free to follow me on any of these social networks for more about myself!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pots

Hello Everyone!
Covergirl recently released their Flamed Out Collection consisting of shadow pots, mascara and shadow pencils.
 Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pot

355 Scorching Cocoa
330 Melted Caramel

Color of the shadow pots when used wet.
(Cool plant in the background haha)
These are the Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pots. I decided to play it safe and try some neutral colors because they really did look beautiful. I really enjoy the packaging of the shadow pots. The clear lid allows you to see the color that you are picking. They are compact and easy to throw in your makeup bag to take on the go. Now there have been some mixed reviews when it comes to these shadow pots, but I really like them. They have beautiful color payoff and durability. The shimmer isn't overpowering and they blend amazingly. They are available in 12 different shades and the darker ones are really lovely. Shade 355 is a deep, rich bronze and shade 330 is a golden bronze.
One problem that I have seen is that they do have a slight fall out, but there are simple ways to take care of this. My favorite thing to do is to use them wet. Not only does this help take care of the fall out, but it helps to intensify the color like in the picture above. You can also use a sticky or cream base in order to help it stay on the lid. Lastly, you can do your eyes before you apply foundation. You can quickly clean up the mess and the problem is solved. (Tip: Tap the brush to help get the loose eye shadow off the brush). For $3.94 at Walmart, these really are great shadow pots.
Hope you enjoyed this review :)
Big thank you for my 81 followers! It means the world to me to have you all enjoy what I love to do.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Liebster Award

Hello Everyone!
I know I have done a few of these posts already, but it would be rude of me not to answer the questions of the people who have nominated me :) I have received 3 more nominations since my last Liebster award post so I decided to do one giant answers post!
The three lovely ladies that have nominated me are: Leah, Ahalya and Katie. Just as a reminder, this is a great way for bloggers to get to know each other and to discover new blogs. It's a fun tag to help find great bloggers :)
The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers. Here are the rules:
  1. Answer the 11 questions that you the person that tagged you asked.
  2. Choose 11 more bloggers with under 200 followers ( no tag-backs) and give the person that tagged you a shoutout as a thank you :)
  3. Ask the blogs that you picked 11 new questions ( my answers and tagged blogs below )
  4. Contact the people that you tagged to let them know
My answers to Leah's Questions:
1. Name your biggest inspiration.
My biggest inspiration would have to be my grandmother. She was an amazingly strong woman and I would love to have the same strength as her one day.
2. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Hopefully, I will pursue my love for beauty and there are endless possibilities that can come from that. If I am unable to pursue this, I would like to be a lawyer and take the necessary steps to become a judge.
3. What's your favorite lipstick?
I always seem to go back to my Kate Moss lipstick in 107.
4. How did you start blogging?
I wanted a place where I could share my love for all things beauty, as well as some personal aspects of my life. I began blogging this summer and it was the best decision I have made so far.
5. What's your favorite hair product?
I could not live without my Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk. It is a great product to handle frizzy hair.
6. Explain your signature style.
I would have to say girly and classy with a bit of an edgy side. I love wearing a floral print dress and add some combat boots to bring the outfit together.
7. Name one thing on your bucket list.
I would love to travel the world.
8. What is your favorite food?
I love pasta so much. That is mostly what I order when I go out to restaurants. I know, it's not healthy but there's not reason for me to lie ha!
9. Finish this sentence: I cannot leave the house without...
My phone. Mainly for emergency reasons.
10. Flats or heels?
I think it just depends on the occasion. Since I am a college student I am mostly in flats to walk around campus, but on special occasions I might breakout a pair of heels.
11. What's your favorite season?
Summer without a doubt!
My answers to Ahalya's Questions:
1. What is your favorite magazine?
I love SEVENTEEN Magazine. They have such great beauty sections and I love going through them and trying their tutorials.
2. What makeup brand do you use the most?
Currently I have been using loads of Sleek products. They have greatly pigmented eye shadows and blushers that I use them daily.
3. Favorite drugstore brand?
At the moment I have been loving me some Maybelline.
4. What is your favorite nail polish brand?
Essie. They are great quality nail polishes and a vast selection of shades.
5. Favorite place to visit?
I would love to visit London. I am in love with the beauty and history there.
6. If you could only choose one product from your makeup bag to use for a week away what would it be?
Definitely foundation. I'm very insecure and I need it to cover up anything I don't want seen.
7. What do you take most care of your skin or your hair?
My Skin! I have very naturally healthy hair so it doesn't need much care.
8. Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner?
Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.
9. Favorite Perfume?
This summer I have been loving a body mist from Victoria's Secret called PINK with a Splash (soft and dreamy).
10. Handbags or Shoes?
This is a tough one, but I tend to look for more shoes than handbags. I have a couple of handbags that go with everything and I love shoes.
11. A makeup advice/tip you believe in?
Practice makes perfect. Everyone starts somewhere. You're not gonna automatically know how to blend foundation or put darker colors in your crease. Don't give up and just keep trying and you will get better.
My answers to Katie's Questions:
1. If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be and why?
Like I said before I would love to visit London (or the U.K in general). They have such a wide selection of beauty products that aren't available here as well as clothing. Exploring products and fashion over there would be a dream come true.
2. Who is your style inspiration?
I would have to say Selena Gomez. She has a very girly yet elegant and put-together look. She has not disappointed me with one fashion choice.
3. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I love meeting people that have the same passion for beauty as I do. I don't have any friends that enjoy beauty as much as I do and blogging has allowed me to interact with people who do.
4. If you could swap blogs for one day who would you swap with and what would you write about?
Honestly I don't believe I would swap with anyone. I believe my blog is a place where I can share all of my personal thoughts and opinions as well as everyone does on theirs. It's a very personal thing to me and I treasure it dearly.
5. Which beauty brand do you trust and repurchase the most?
I love trying new things and from a broad selection of brands, but I have really been loving Orgins products at the moment.
6. If you could go back and live in any decade, which would it be and why?
I love the 1950's. Looking up to women with curvy body shapes like Marilyn Monroe is amazing.
7. Would you say you are a trend setter or trend follower?
I have always just done my thing and worn what I felt comfortable in regardless of the latest trend.
8. If you could use only one beauty item for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Foundation or concealer. I cannot imagine living life having to show people my insecurities.
9. Name 3 beauty items you have been loving in 2013.
Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Maybelline Color Whispers and Real Techniques brushes.
10. What advice would you give to your younger self?
No matter how difficult things may seem, it will get better.
11. Three words that best describe you.
I am going to have to be completely honest and say: Optimistic ( I try to look for the best in people), Chill (I love being very mellow), and Insecure.
Here are the blogs that I tag:
My Questions:
What is something people may not know about you?
Why did you start blogging?
Describe your blog.
High-End of Drugstore?
What is your favorite lipstick?
What is your favorite accessory?
What is something you are addicted to?
Describe your style.
What is your favorite television show?
If you could meet one celebrity who would it be and why?
What makes you happy?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
If I tagged you and you did this post, let me know!
I would love to read your answers :) 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers

Hello Everyone!
I have had my eye on these babies for such a long time, but they only recently became available in the U.S. More popularly know by their U.K. name the "Apocalips," these lip lacquers have taken over the beauty world.
600 Nude Eclipse

500 Luna

501 Stellar

303 Apocaliptic

400 Big Bang
Rimmel has really set the new standard when it comes to lip products. The Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers are unlike anything I have ever tried before. The best way to describe them is by saying that they work as a liquid lipstick. They are extremely pigmented, which is why the application must be precise. You do need a mirror to apply these lip lacquers if you don't want to go out looking like Miranda Sings ( Even though she totally works that look!). A small amount goes a long way with these babies. The most unique thing about this lip lacquer is the applicator. Unlike lip gloss applicators, these have a small indention in the middle. When you take the top out of the tube some of the product is left in the indention allowing for the perfect amount to put all over your lips!
The quality of these lip lacquers are amazing. They stay on the lips for a great amount of time. While the gloss does fade away, the color itself will not. They don't have a taste and only have a minimal smell that goes away rather quickly. I selected these five beautiful colors to add to my lip collection: Nude Eclipse (shockingly a nude color ha!), Luna (a nudish orange), Stellar (a bright coral), Apocaliptic (a bright pink), and Big Bang (a bright red). Unlike in the U.K, these lip lacquers aren't available everywhere just yet. At the moment they are only available in Walgreens for the amazing price of $4.99 (what a bargain!). However, the U.S. has created more shades to make up for the inconvenience :)
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Let me know if you have tried these in the comments!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Full-Coverage Drugstore Concealer

Hello Everyone!
Today I thought I would share with you my favorite full coverage drugstore concealer. Now I have tried many drugstore concealers, but this one seems to stand out amongst the rest. Many people have wrote and talked about how much they love and use this product, so I decided to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.

I had never tried any Hard Candy products before but this one looked promising by the fact that it claimed to be a "heavy duty concealer." I can honestly say that this concealer has lived up to my expectations.
If you are looking for a full coverage concealer and aren't wanting to spend much money, then this is perfect for you. The Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer comes in shades between light to tan. Unlike some other heavy duty concealers, Hard Candy's is creamy. I have found others to be very thick and difficult to work with. This makes it very easy to blend into the skin. You don't have to worry about blending quickly so that it doesn't dry out. It is very pigmented so only the smallest amount goes a very long way.
This is an amazing concealer for hyperpigmentation (I should know). You can hide anything from dark circles to tattoos. It really works great to smooth out the area that you want to conceal. I use the shade tan which is the perfect shade for my skin tone. This concealer is only $6 and totally worth every pretty penny. It blends well with foundation and doesn't make you look like a cake on the concealed areas. Since you only need such a small amount to hide imperfections, it lasts for a great amount of time. I love it and am so glad I tried it out.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Let me know if you have tried it!
P.S. : My birthday is Monday (August 12th) and I would like to say thank you to my 62 followers!
This is literally the best present I could ask for. I still can't believe I have gotten this many followers in the past couple of months. You guys are the best, much love to all of you and a big hug as well :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Face of the Day

Went out to the shops and this is how I made over my face...

Please ignore my headphones, apparently I didn't have two spare seconds to remove them before taking these pictures.
I decided to try out a new foundation and I am very pleased with the way it looks on my skin. I still have to test it out a bit more before I can give a real review on it, but I will keep you guys posted! Also I've been having problems with my hyperpigmentation lately (sadface) Just wondering if any of you have any good products to help treat it and not just cover it up? Also, I've been looking for a good face primer, do you know of any good ones??
* Revlon Colorstay Foundation: Rich Tan
* Maybelline Fit Me Concealer under eyes: 20
*Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer on spots: tan
* MAC Mineralized Skinfinish: NC35
* MAC Sheertone Blush: Peach Twist
* Sleek Face Contour Kit: Medium
* L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow Duo: Soft Fern 320
* Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner: Black
* Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara: Black
* Sally Girl Eyeshadow in Inner Corner: Champagne
* Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Sweetheart
Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Face of the Day/ Hair of the Day

Today I went out to lunch and thought I would go for a very natural look.
I went very simple with my makeup and hair.

Beware the Duck Face.

And again.

* Maybelline Fit Me Foundation ( mix of 220 & 315 )
* Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 20 (On eyelids and under eye)
* Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer (tan)
* MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (NC35)
* Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush (Plum Wine)
* Sleek Face Contour Kit (Medium)
* Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer (Ticket to Brazil)
* Maybelline Color Tattoo: Bad to the Bronze (All over lid)
* Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pot: Scorching Cocoa (Outer Corner and Crease)
* Sleek Eyeshadow ShowStopper Palette: Me. Myself & Eye (Inner Corner of the Eye)
* L'Oreal The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner: Black (Top lash line)
* Styli Style Line and Seal 24 Semi-Permanent Eyeliner: Black Brown (Lower Lash line)
*Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express Flared: Blackest Black
* Maybelline Baby Lips: 05 Quenched
* Covergirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm: Watermelon Twist
* got2b Beach Trippin Salt Infusion Waving Spray
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
If you would like a review on any of the products mentioned, leave a comment!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Liebster Award (Part 3)

I have already been nominated for this award twice, but I thought it would be nice just to answer the questions :)

I was contacted by the lovely Catherine. She so kindly, nominated me for the Liebster award. You should definitely check her out because her blog is very cute and informative. This is a great way for bloggers to get to know each other and to discover new blogs. Who know, you may meet some amazing people along the way :)
The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers. Here are the rules:
  1. Answer the 11 questions that you the person that tagged you asked.
  2. Choose 11 more bloggers with under 200 followers ( no tag-backs) and give the person that tagged you a shout out as a thank you :)
  3. Ask the blogs that you picked 11 new questions ( my answers and tagged blogs below )
  4. Contact the people that you tagged to let them know
Here are my answers:
1. What is your dream vacation?
I would love to travel to the U.K. I would just love to shop over there and try out all of their products that aren't available here.
2. Which makeup look do you like the least?
Everyone has their own style and preferences so I wouldn't dislike their choices. For me I don't like wearing very bright colors on my eyes. I like to keep them very neutral and light.
3. If you could style one celebrity who would it be?
I would love to style Taylor Swift. I think we have very similar preferences of style and I love how classic yet cute she always looks.
4. What is your favorite hobby?
I love blogging. Although it is a hobby now, I would love to expand it to so much more. There are so many possibilities and I'm very excited to see where this goes.
5. What is your favorite store?
Forever 21 all the way. It is affordable and they have such a wide range of selection. They have some really great pieces if you look good enough :)
6. Are you a fan of nail-art?
I love to look at it lol. I have not patience or skill in that department. It takes to much time and I try to stay as far away from it as possible.
7. What is your favorite nail polish?
At the moment it is Ballet Slippers by Essie. It is a beautiful baby pink that looks amazing on tanned skin.
8. Which face wash do you use?
In the morning I will usually use Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. In the shower at night I like to cleanse with the Garnier Radiance Renewer Cleansing Gelee.
9. Favorite beauty tip?
Moisturize! I know everyone knows this, but it is such an important factor in having good healthy skin.
10. Least favorite hairstyle?
Again anyone has their own preference, but I don't like having my hair slicked back. It has never looked good on me and I refuse to do it in that manner lol.
11. Do you love blogging?
Of course I do.!This has been my escape from the shy life that I have. I can share all the things that I love with people that love the same things. It has helped me meet great people and learn a heck of a lot about myself.
Thank you for the nomination Catherine :)
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Liebster Award (Part 2)

I have already been nominated for this award, but I thought it would be nice just to answer the questions :)
Recently, I was contacted by the lovely Ciara. She so kindly, nominated me for the Liebster award. If you enjoy my blog, then you should definitely check her out because her blog is similar to mine. This is a great way for bloggers to get to know each other and to discover new blogs. Who know, you may meet some amazing people along the way :)
The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers. Here are the rules:
  1. Answer the 11 questions that you the person that tagged you asked.
  2. Choose 11 more bloggers with under 200 followers ( no tag-backs) and give the person that tagged you a shout out as a thank you :)
  3. Ask the blogs that you picked 11 new questions ( my answers and tagged blogs below )
  5. Contact the people that you tagged to let them know
Here are my answers:
1. Day without foundation or day without hairbrush?
I would say a day without a hairbrush. My hair is very straight and if I take care of it, it doesn't get tangled. I'm too insecure to go out without some facial coverage.
2. If you had €1000 what would you spend it on?
Well this might be obvious by what I do, but I would say makeup and clothing. I can never get enough and there is just so much stuff that I want to try :)
3. Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter! I only use Facebook to stay in contact with some family members. I love Twitter because it is just so quick and efficient.
4. If you could only listen to one singer/band who would it be?
At the moment I would have to say the Imagine Dragons. I never seem to get tired of their music and they're all different but connect at the same time. I love them!
5. Obsessions?
I am addicted to shopping. I'm such an impulse buyer it seriously is a problem. I will sometimes makeup a scenario just to explain a purchase. I'm horrible haha!
6. Favorite city in the world?
I don't really have an answer for this one. I haven't traveled much so I would know what to compare really. I really do love London though :)
7. Bracelets or Necklaces?
I've really been into necklaces lately. I used to be really shy with accessories, but I am expanding my style. I have a really small wrist so it is rather hard to find a bracelet that doesn't fall off.
8. Opinion on tattoos?
I don't mind tattoos. I would never get one, but only because I am terrified of needles (I cry every time I get a shot). Everyone is entitled to do as they please with their bodies. Your body is your temple and do with it as you please :)
9. Books or Movies?
I am a total nerd, so I would have to say books. Reading just makes a great escape from reality. I don't watch many movies unless someone forces me to.
10. Favorite school subject and why?
I really love English. It's the best way to express everything I want on a certain topic. It has always been the easiest subject for me since the words just flow onto the paper.
11. Any crazy habits?
I have a horrible habit of making lists. I forget things very easily so I feel like I have to write everything down. I have lists for anything, but the bad part is that sometimes I forget where I put the list lol!
Thanks for the nomination Ciara :)
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L'Oreal Power Moisture Mask Review

Hello everyone!
When it comes to washing my hair, I don't think it is very important to spend loads of money on products. Of course there are some great higher end shampoos and conditioners out there, but there are also some great drugstore ones as well. Since I do wash my hair everyday (big no no, I know) it is important that I find great inexpensive ones since I do go through a lot of products. I'm always on the hunt for drugstore hair care products that work great but don't put a huge dent in my bank account.
During this summer I noticed that my hair seemed to be a little bit dry. I usually have no problem with my hair, but it seemed a bit dehydrated. I was at Walmart awhile back and came across this product. Since it wasn't expensive I thought I would give it a go and see if it could help my hair. The product seemed promising by the claims on the tub and I needed a new deep conditioner anyways. Lets just say I have a new obsession with this product.

This is the L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Power Moisture Moisture Rush Mask. What really got my attention about this product was that it was Hyaluronic. Now Hyaluronic acid is known for its hydrating powers. It can be found in many products including face products. It is an overall great ingredient to have in a product if you are looking for hydration.
This hair mask has a great smell to it. It is pleasant and fresh, but not overpowering and if something smells good it is automatically a plus for me. I was a little sceptical of the mask at first because of its texture. It wasn't as thick as other hair masks that I had tried. After washing out the product, I could immediately feel my hair different. It felt very smooth, silky and soft. The product did not weigh down my hair at all either which is a problem that some hair masks have. I have been using this for a while now and my hair seems 100 times better than it did before. It looks completely healthy and hydrated. I guess I didn't know exactly how dehydrated my hair was because my hair looks so much better now.
I wouldn't recommend using this every time you wash your hair. Using a hair mask too often can end up damaging your hair rather than repair it. I use this about once to twice a week. If you don't wash your hair everyday like me, I would recommend using it every third wash or so. I picked this up for around $6, which is very inexpensive for a hair mask. Overall I would (and already have) repurchase this.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Thank you 50 followers <3

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trying Something Different.......

In the last couple of weeks I have been really thinking about what I want to get out of this whole blogging thing. Since I am no longer speaking to myself, I think it is important to determine exactly what I want to do here on Elizabeth: Beauty and Beyond. Now that I'm doing something that I love and people seem to enjoy what I am doing (thank you 44 followers <3) I think it is time to try different things.
I seem to have set myself into a "inside the box" set of mind. Since I was so shy at the beginning of this journey I did what I knew, but now that I'm more comfortable I want to expand my horizons.


I took a big step this Summer and ombred my hair, but that only goes so far. For anyone that knows me, 99.9% of the time I have my hair in the exact same style. I seem to have slumped into a cycle of having my hair down and straight. This has gotten extremely boring and I want to try so many other things.


I do use a large variety of makeup, except for my lips. I would say that 75% of my lip products are red. Now don't get me wrong I love me some red lipstick, but there's so many more beautiful colors out there! On a recent shopping trip I picked up a few fun colors that I can't wait to try.


This is the part where my blogging and followers come into these changes. I want you to be part of this journey. This will include a heck of a lot more blogging with more FOTD, EOTD, HOTD and many many reviews to come! I want to be able to interact with all of you and really make you feel like your with me the entire time. I'm not sure I would have been able to do this a couple of months ago, but y'all have made me feel so comfortable on here. I can truly be myself and share anything I want to without being afraid of doing so. I want to give you a virtual hug and a big thank you for letting me be me <3


If you want to interact with me, or contact me feel free to email me ( )! I will gladly try and assist you with anything that I can. I can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you just want to say a little hello, comment on a post or do anything that feels comfortable to you. I want to know what your favorite products are and what you love! If there's a product that you would like to see me try or talk about, just let me know. I love trying new products and writing what I think about them :)  

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Favorites

Hello Everyone!
Today is the first day of August and I have no idea where Summer has gone. I can't believe we are this much into the year already! This is my first time attempting this, but I thought I would share with you a couple of things I have loved in the month of July. I'm going to include everything Beauty and Beyond (see what I did there? ha).
1. Biosilk Silk Therapy Oil: I love applying this to my hair when it is tamp and letting it air-dry.
2. Essie Nail Polish ( Ballet Slippers): This is a perfect shade of baby pink and looks beautiful on tanned skin.
3. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter (Juicy Papaya): This is a great color for everyday wear and is a pinky coral color.
4. Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask: My skin decided to hate me this month, but this cleanser really helped to clear all my trouble spots.
5. Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer (Stellar): I decided to branch out of my usual red lip and have loved this bright pink shade on my lips.
6. Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer (tan): This was my life saver in the month of July. It is the perfect full coverage concealer.
7. Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow (Va Va Va Bloom): I really loved using creme shadows in the month of July as bases and this is a great palette for everyday wear.

1. Song: My favorite song for the month of July was Let Her Go by Passenger.
2. Entertainment: Candy Crush. I refused to get the app for such a long time because I knew I would get addicted to it, but i finally gave in. I've had it for a couple of weeks and I can't stop playing it!!
3. Fashion: Big Necklaces. I tend to be a little shy with accessories, but this past month I ventured into the big, bold necklace route. I must say that I am enjoying it so far.
4. Person: Courtney from Cheap but Chic Beauty :) She is an incredibly sweet person and I am so glad that I have been able to get to know her a little better this last week. We are doing something very special and I can't wait to get to know her better.
Reviews to come on a couple of these products!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
What were your favorite products in July?
What did you think of my first favorites post?

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