Friday, August 16, 2013

Liebster Award

Hello Everyone!
I know I have done a few of these posts already, but it would be rude of me not to answer the questions of the people who have nominated me :) I have received 3 more nominations since my last Liebster award post so I decided to do one giant answers post!
The three lovely ladies that have nominated me are: Leah, Ahalya and Katie. Just as a reminder, this is a great way for bloggers to get to know each other and to discover new blogs. It's a fun tag to help find great bloggers :)
The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers. Here are the rules:
  1. Answer the 11 questions that you the person that tagged you asked.
  2. Choose 11 more bloggers with under 200 followers ( no tag-backs) and give the person that tagged you a shoutout as a thank you :)
  3. Ask the blogs that you picked 11 new questions ( my answers and tagged blogs below )
  4. Contact the people that you tagged to let them know
My answers to Leah's Questions:
1. Name your biggest inspiration.
My biggest inspiration would have to be my grandmother. She was an amazingly strong woman and I would love to have the same strength as her one day.
2. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Hopefully, I will pursue my love for beauty and there are endless possibilities that can come from that. If I am unable to pursue this, I would like to be a lawyer and take the necessary steps to become a judge.
3. What's your favorite lipstick?
I always seem to go back to my Kate Moss lipstick in 107.
4. How did you start blogging?
I wanted a place where I could share my love for all things beauty, as well as some personal aspects of my life. I began blogging this summer and it was the best decision I have made so far.
5. What's your favorite hair product?
I could not live without my Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk. It is a great product to handle frizzy hair.
6. Explain your signature style.
I would have to say girly and classy with a bit of an edgy side. I love wearing a floral print dress and add some combat boots to bring the outfit together.
7. Name one thing on your bucket list.
I would love to travel the world.
8. What is your favorite food?
I love pasta so much. That is mostly what I order when I go out to restaurants. I know, it's not healthy but there's not reason for me to lie ha!
9. Finish this sentence: I cannot leave the house without...
My phone. Mainly for emergency reasons.
10. Flats or heels?
I think it just depends on the occasion. Since I am a college student I am mostly in flats to walk around campus, but on special occasions I might breakout a pair of heels.
11. What's your favorite season?
Summer without a doubt!
My answers to Ahalya's Questions:
1. What is your favorite magazine?
I love SEVENTEEN Magazine. They have such great beauty sections and I love going through them and trying their tutorials.
2. What makeup brand do you use the most?
Currently I have been using loads of Sleek products. They have greatly pigmented eye shadows and blushers that I use them daily.
3. Favorite drugstore brand?
At the moment I have been loving me some Maybelline.
4. What is your favorite nail polish brand?
Essie. They are great quality nail polishes and a vast selection of shades.
5. Favorite place to visit?
I would love to visit London. I am in love with the beauty and history there.
6. If you could only choose one product from your makeup bag to use for a week away what would it be?
Definitely foundation. I'm very insecure and I need it to cover up anything I don't want seen.
7. What do you take most care of your skin or your hair?
My Skin! I have very naturally healthy hair so it doesn't need much care.
8. Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner?
Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.
9. Favorite Perfume?
This summer I have been loving a body mist from Victoria's Secret called PINK with a Splash (soft and dreamy).
10. Handbags or Shoes?
This is a tough one, but I tend to look for more shoes than handbags. I have a couple of handbags that go with everything and I love shoes.
11. A makeup advice/tip you believe in?
Practice makes perfect. Everyone starts somewhere. You're not gonna automatically know how to blend foundation or put darker colors in your crease. Don't give up and just keep trying and you will get better.
My answers to Katie's Questions:
1. If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be and why?
Like I said before I would love to visit London (or the U.K in general). They have such a wide selection of beauty products that aren't available here as well as clothing. Exploring products and fashion over there would be a dream come true.
2. Who is your style inspiration?
I would have to say Selena Gomez. She has a very girly yet elegant and put-together look. She has not disappointed me with one fashion choice.
3. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I love meeting people that have the same passion for beauty as I do. I don't have any friends that enjoy beauty as much as I do and blogging has allowed me to interact with people who do.
4. If you could swap blogs for one day who would you swap with and what would you write about?
Honestly I don't believe I would swap with anyone. I believe my blog is a place where I can share all of my personal thoughts and opinions as well as everyone does on theirs. It's a very personal thing to me and I treasure it dearly.
5. Which beauty brand do you trust and repurchase the most?
I love trying new things and from a broad selection of brands, but I have really been loving Orgins products at the moment.
6. If you could go back and live in any decade, which would it be and why?
I love the 1950's. Looking up to women with curvy body shapes like Marilyn Monroe is amazing.
7. Would you say you are a trend setter or trend follower?
I have always just done my thing and worn what I felt comfortable in regardless of the latest trend.
8. If you could use only one beauty item for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Foundation or concealer. I cannot imagine living life having to show people my insecurities.
9. Name 3 beauty items you have been loving in 2013.
Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Maybelline Color Whispers and Real Techniques brushes.
10. What advice would you give to your younger self?
No matter how difficult things may seem, it will get better.
11. Three words that best describe you.
I am going to have to be completely honest and say: Optimistic ( I try to look for the best in people), Chill (I love being very mellow), and Insecure.
Here are the blogs that I tag:
My Questions:
What is something people may not know about you?
Why did you start blogging?
Describe your blog.
High-End of Drugstore?
What is your favorite lipstick?
What is your favorite accessory?
What is something you are addicted to?
Describe your style.
What is your favorite television show?
If you could meet one celebrity who would it be and why?
What makes you happy?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
If I tagged you and you did this post, let me know!
I would love to read your answers :) 
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