Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hello Everyone!

A couple of days ago I hit 100 followers on GFC. I seriously can't believe I was able to accomplish that much in one Summer. The amount of support I have received on my blog is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Being able to write about something that brings me so much joy and makes me so happy is unbelievable. The best part is that other people enjoy what I have to say. 

When I first started this I was just writing down my thoughts and never really thought anyone would even read it. It was just a place for me to escape all the things that I normally wouldn't be able to. Here I could truly be myself and share what I had to say. At first I was a bit afraid that people would judge me and not like what I wrote, but as the followers number grew so did the encouragement.

I don't think my followers know this, but the comments that I receive from them really make my day. A simple "I really enjoyed reading this post" can turn my day from horrible to great. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. This was a huge milestone for me and a great accomplishment. Again thank you for letting me be myself. I love you all.

See you soon :)
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