Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Social Networks

Hello Everyone!
Recently I made completely new profiles on my social networks. There was alot of things that really wasn't important on my old ones, so I decided to delete them.
This are great ways of getting to know my outside of my blog!
Blog (of course):
My Facebook is private. It is mainly a way for me to keep in contact with family and close friends. If requested, I will create a Facebook page that you can follow. There I can provide information on future posts and projects I am working on, plus sneak-peeks as to what's to come on my blog posts.
Now like I have mentioned before I'm too insecure to make videos, but I decided that this might change. I have a personal goal on the amount of GFC or Bloglovin subscribers that I want to reach before I attempt to make videos. If I reach my goal I will make a YouTube Channel and share with you things that are rather difficult to share in a post :)
Hope you enjoyed this :)
Feel free to follow me on any of these social networks for more about myself!
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