Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers

Hello Everyone!
I have had my eye on these babies for such a long time, but they only recently became available in the U.S. More popularly know by their U.K. name the "Apocalips," these lip lacquers have taken over the beauty world.
600 Nude Eclipse

500 Luna

501 Stellar

303 Apocaliptic

400 Big Bang
Rimmel has really set the new standard when it comes to lip products. The Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers are unlike anything I have ever tried before. The best way to describe them is by saying that they work as a liquid lipstick. They are extremely pigmented, which is why the application must be precise. You do need a mirror to apply these lip lacquers if you don't want to go out looking like Miranda Sings ( Even though she totally works that look!). A small amount goes a long way with these babies. The most unique thing about this lip lacquer is the applicator. Unlike lip gloss applicators, these have a small indention in the middle. When you take the top out of the tube some of the product is left in the indention allowing for the perfect amount to put all over your lips!
The quality of these lip lacquers are amazing. They stay on the lips for a great amount of time. While the gloss does fade away, the color itself will not. They don't have a taste and only have a minimal smell that goes away rather quickly. I selected these five beautiful colors to add to my lip collection: Nude Eclipse (shockingly a nude color ha!), Luna (a nudish orange), Stellar (a bright coral), Apocaliptic (a bright pink), and Big Bang (a bright red). Unlike in the U.K, these lip lacquers aren't available everywhere just yet. At the moment they are only available in Walgreens for the amazing price of $4.99 (what a bargain!). However, the U.S. has created more shades to make up for the inconvenience :)
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Let me know if you have tried these in the comments!

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