Sunday, August 18, 2013

Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pots

Hello Everyone!
Covergirl recently released their Flamed Out Collection consisting of shadow pots, mascara and shadow pencils.
 Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pot

355 Scorching Cocoa
330 Melted Caramel

Color of the shadow pots when used wet.
(Cool plant in the background haha)
These are the Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pots. I decided to play it safe and try some neutral colors because they really did look beautiful. I really enjoy the packaging of the shadow pots. The clear lid allows you to see the color that you are picking. They are compact and easy to throw in your makeup bag to take on the go. Now there have been some mixed reviews when it comes to these shadow pots, but I really like them. They have beautiful color payoff and durability. The shimmer isn't overpowering and they blend amazingly. They are available in 12 different shades and the darker ones are really lovely. Shade 355 is a deep, rich bronze and shade 330 is a golden bronze.
One problem that I have seen is that they do have a slight fall out, but there are simple ways to take care of this. My favorite thing to do is to use them wet. Not only does this help take care of the fall out, but it helps to intensify the color like in the picture above. You can also use a sticky or cream base in order to help it stay on the lid. Lastly, you can do your eyes before you apply foundation. You can quickly clean up the mess and the problem is solved. (Tip: Tap the brush to help get the loose eye shadow off the brush). For $3.94 at Walmart, these really are great shadow pots.
Hope you enjoyed this review :)
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