Thursday, February 20, 2014

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm

Hello Everyone!

Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm is a rinse-out reconstructing balm that repairs up to one year of damage in 1 use*. Both powerful and luxurious, the balm instantly repairs the 5 signs of damage – split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness, and dehydration. * Reverses damage to hair’s smoothness with daily use, when using the system of shampoo & balm. - L'Oreal Paris

The Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm is part of L'Oreal's Advanced Haircare line. My hair has bit drier than usual due to the weather so I was looking for something to help take care of that. After I wash my hair, I apply the balm all over my hair concentrating on the ends. The texture of the balm is very thick and creamy, however it doesn't feel overpowering. The thick formula does not weigh down the hair, which is a problem I find with thick hair masks. After 5 minutes you can wash out the product. For an intense mask I suggest applying this on your hair and leaving it overnight, or for a couple of hours before rinsing. This balm is strong enough to make your hair healthy, but gentle enough to use everyday. After the first time using it I saw amazing results. My hair looks healthy and full of hydration and shine (not in a gross oily manner haha). My hair is so smooth and rarely gets tangles anymore, which is very strange for my hair. A little goes a long way with this product so I use about the same amount pictured above, for my very long hair. I find that I don't need to add any additional hair products to my hair for frizz or shine anymore. I used this everyday for about a week and now use it twice a week. After a month of using this I can seriously say that using anything else for my hair (at this price) will not be the same.

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L'oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray

Hello Everyone!

Our high-performance finishing tool now at your fingertips. Get targeted root application with our unique fan spray for instant lift and fullness. Strong hold boosts body on any style for a voluptuous, textured look that lasts. - L'Oreal Paris

A new product released by L'Oreal is the Boost It High Lift Creation Spray. This spray claims to give your hair an instant lift and tons of volume. The spray comes out in a fan-like, or straight-horizontal manner instead of a general spray. The texture is very similar to that of a hairspray without the stiffness or crunchy effect. There is no sticky feeling left after you spray it in your hair either. The smell is pleasant and not the common chemical smell. With my very fine, flat hair I like to spray this in my roots, or all over my hair when it is curled. This is by far the best spray I have ever used for volume. You can instantly see so much volume in your hair once this is sprayed. The best part is that the volume stays throughout the day. There isn't the feeling of having to fluff your hair up every 5 seconds to add volume to your hair. The bottle is small enough to carry in your handbag and the product itself is very inexpensive. I will be stocking up on this product the next time that I go to the drugstore, since I'm not sure if I'll ever find anything better.

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L'Oreal Volume Filler Trio

Hello Everyone!

I have recently been on a hair-care kick and trying loads of new hair products. My hair type can be described as very fine and thin. Although I do have long hair that is about to my waist, I don't have much hair. L'Oreal recently released the Volume Filler collection in their Advanced Haircare Line. The collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, densifying gelee and a fiber amplifying concentrate (I opted not to get the gelee since it was more of a styling product). I have been using the products for a couple of weeks now and have a clear idea on what they have done for my hair.

Introducing our newest Advanced Haircare line for voluptuous, volume-infused hair. Our system penetrates hair fiber from root to core to tip for healthier looking hair. It works to create texture from within to generate a thicker feel and infuses lasting volume over time. - L'Oreal Paris

These products include filloxane which is an ingredient that is meant to make hair feel thicker. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing. When I wash my hair, I like to concentrate the shampoo in my roots and conditioner on the ends. You will immediately notice your hair get very soft and smooth. I seem to have little, if any, tangles when I get out of the shower and brush my hair. My hair doesn't feel weighed down by the length like it usually does. I feel more a bounce to my hair when I run my fingers through it and it has developed a beautiful, healthy shine to it. You will not immediately feel you hair 2 times thicker like the bottle states. However, overtime there is a change if you have very fine hair like I do.

The Fiber Amplifying Concentrate pack comes with three little tubes like pictured above. This is meant to be a three week process (once a week), or until you feel that your hair is as thick as you would like it to be.   You are supposed to take the desired amount of conditioner (preferably the L'Oreal Volume Filler) and mix in the contents of the tube. This can be a difficult process if you use a lot of conditioner, so I like to mix the two in a plastic travel bottle. When I use the concentrate, I do tend to put conditioner on all of my hair and not just the ends. At first I was surprised that this made my hair feel not very pleasing. It felt a bit dry and crunchy and I did not know how it would end up making my hair feel. After about 5 minutes I washed it off and it felt smooth, so don't be scared. I blow-dried my hair and noticed a huge difference in my hair immediately. It felt almost like I had grown more hair and it had more volume than before. I have used this for two weeks and keep seeing improvements. Since I have extremely thin hair, I'm thinking of buying another set and doing it another three weeks. If you have full hair than one package should be more than enough.

I was overall very impressed with these products. If you want to choose between what products to purchase I would suggest the Fiber Amplifying Concentrate since it seems to give more dramatic changes than the shampoo and conditioner. I will most defiantly be repurchasing all three of these products in the the future.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentine's Day Makeup - 2014

Hello Everyone!

As you all know by all the half-priced candy, yesterday was Valentine's Day. I did not actually have a Valentine this year and woke up very sick that day. Regardless, I had a family event to go to that gave me a reason to get out of bed and look somewhat decent. After the event I spent the remainder of the day baking and watching Lifetime movies. The whole theme of my look yesterday was simple and cute. I wanted something that was relaxing and comfortable, but still had a Valentine's feel to it. I did not do an outfit post for the simple reason that the items that I wore are older purchases and no longer available to buy. I want to show you items that, if you happen to like, you will be able to purchase. I hope that each and every one of you had an amazing day yesterday regardless of your relationship status. Love you all tons and I will see you guys very soon.

*Too Faced A Few of my Favorite Things Palette was used*


- Benefit the POREfessional primer
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup (Desert Beige)
-MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW25): blemishes and dark spots
-Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (20): under-eyes
- MAC Studio Fix pressed powder (NC40)
- Too Faced Bronzer (Chocolate Soleil)
- Too Faced Blush (Melt into Spring)


- MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot (Painterly): used as base
- Cream Colored Ponies: used to set base
- Chocolate Milk: in crease
- Moon on Their Wigs: on lid
- Crisp Apple Stroodle: on top of Moon on Their Wings
- Soiree: outer 1/3 of lid
- Buche de Noel: in crease
- Dark Chocolate: outer "v"
- Crisp Apple Stroodle: under lash-line
- MAC Pigment (Vanilla): inner corners and brow-bones
- Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
- Stila Smudge Stick Water Proof Eyeliner (Stingray): tightline
- Covergirl Flamed Out mascara (Very Black Blaze)


- L'Oreal Colour Riche Velvety Full Coverage Lipcolour Le Matte (Matte-r of Fact)
- NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Plush Red)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tea Tree Oil - Acne Treatment

Hello Everyone!

Since middle school, I have suffered from acne. It was never severe, but I would constantly have about 10-15 spots on my face. They were little, red bumps that seemed to focus along my forehead area. I would also get an occasional major zit every once in a while that seemed to take forever to go away. I tried, what seems to be, everything that I could think of to make them go away. The worst part is that with my hyperpigmentation I would have a never ending cycle of dark-spots to deal with. 

I tried just about anything that I could think of to fix my acne and nothing seemed to fully work. Anything from cleansers to masks just didn't seem to completely get rid of my little red, spots. I even changed my diet to see if something that I was eating was causing my breakouts. I'm not one to want to spend a bunch of money on something I'm not even sure will work. I read in a magazine about how Tea Tree Oil was a great way to get rid of acne. At first I thought it was just something else to add to my list of "Things That Didn't Work." Nevertheless, I decided to give it a go since it was very inexpensive and heard so many people raving about it. I have now been using Tea Tree Oil for a couple of weeks and my face has seen some major improvements. I no longer have those irritating 10-15 spots on my forehead and only get an occasional spot. My face feels so much more smooth and even. I have also seen an improvement in my acne scars.

How to use:

I like to use this mostly during my nighttime routine. Since this is still an oil, it wouldn't be the best to put this on you face and then go out in the sun. At night I will take a q-tip and put some Tea Tree Oil on any (if I even have any) spots. Then I spray my Tea Tree Oil spray all over my face for extra  treatment. To make my spray I took a plastic spray bottle that I bought at Target for under a dollar. I filled the bottle with purified water that was a bit warm. I then added 20 drops of the oil into the bottle and shook it. I recommend shaking the bottle every time before you spray your face so the oil mixes with the water (I know water and oil don't mix, but you get the idea). I also spray this on my face in the morning after I moisturize. If you have never tried Tea Tree Oil I suggest that you try using the spray, with less drops of oil, to see how your face reacts to it. If you see no reaction, then add more drops on apply the oil directly to your face.

Hope  you enjoyed this post :)
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spring Fashion Haul

Hello Everyone!

Since most of the United States seems to be experiencing cold weather it has really made me look forward to the Spring weather. Living in Texas, I am not used to experiencing 30 degree (Fahrenheit) weather on a daily basis. It is pretty unusual to have anything below 70 the majority of the year. In my attempt to convince Mother Nature that Spring should come a bit early this year, I did a little shopping. I didn't go on this trip with a set list of what I wanted and just planned to go on by what I saw while I was there. For some odd reason most of the clothing included floral print and skater skirts. Everything was purchased in Forever 21 (shocker) except for the white sneakers that I bought at Target. I am currently very ill so sorry for the horrific pictures. Also since it was so cold I was limited to taking these pictures at home with very limited space.

I also bought this top in a cream color, but I accidentally got makeup on it so it is currently being taken care of.

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
What season are you looking forward to??
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Favorites - 2014

Hello Everyone!

It feels as though I haven't done one of these posts in such a long time. My last favorites post was a yearly favorites so it's been a while since I did more specific items that I have loved. I have tried so many new products and these have been my favorite this past month.

I tired to narrow things down as much as possible since there was so many different things that I have tried and liked. 


I don't generally use dry shampoos for cleansing my hair but rather for volume. My hair is really long so it tends to get weighed down and flat. The Psst! Instant Dry Shampoo gives my hair so much volume. I spray this in my roots and then a bit all over my hair and run my fingers through it. It doesn't have the most pleasant smell, but it goes away and doesn't linger. At night while my hair is still damp I love to use the Living Proof Frizz Nourishing Cream. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and healthy and helps to control my frizz with all the humidity.


The Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade toner has worked wonders on my skin. It has more of an oily texture as opposed to other toners I have used which makes my skin super soft. It has helped with my acne and feels amazing on the skin. Another product that has helped to really minimize the amount of breakouts I have it Tea Tree Oil. At night I will apply this to any spots that I have or I apply a couple drops of this to a spray bottle with water and spray my face. Tea Tree Oil helps to fight bacteria and such, to help breakouts. A scent that I have been loving is the Victoria's Secret Bombshell. This smells amazing and is girly without being too fruity and sweet.


I have been playing around with alot of my palettes lately, but I always find myself reaching for the Stila In The Light Palette. This just has everything that you need without having to reach for additional colors. A big change for me has been my obsession with nude lipsticks. I was not a big nude-lip fan cause I thought it wouldn't like right on me, but after trying a few I feel in love. I have been using MAC Jubilee, Cherish, Viva Glam V and Revlon Pink Pearl. These are all different shades of nude as well as different formulas. On my cheeks I have really been going for the bronze-cheek look. The NYX blush in Terra Cotta gives me the perfect hint of glow and shimmer. The MAC Studio Fix Powder has been my go-to this month. It gives coverage while still controlling shine on my face. Along with this I have been using the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. This lasts on my face most (if not all) of the day and does not require touch ups. It covers nearly everything and it creamy and easy to blend. To brighten my eyes I have been reaching for my L'Oreal Silkissime Highlighter eyeliner. This is a rose/gold shade that is much more natural than the nude pencil. It looks beautiful on everyday looks with any color. My all time favorite liquid eyeliner has to be the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I have oily eyelids and this lasts all day without smudging or transferring to my crease area.


(photo taken from Google Images)

If you follow me on Twitter than you know that I have been obsessed with The Walking Dead. I just started watching the show on Netflix, but I am almost done with Season 3. I'm trying to finish it all before the new season starts next week and I am so excited. Glenn is by far the cutest thing ever and I just love him so much. My favorite character has to be Daryl. He seems very tough, but you can see how much he cares about everyone and he makes me want to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. He kicks major butt and I would be very upset if he ends up dying.

This is a rather old book that I had never read. Flowers in the Attic might not be appropriate for younger people, but I absolutely loved this book. I read it within a couple of days and would have finished sooner if my mom hadn't threatened to ruin the ending if I finished it too fast. The story keeps you hooked to the very end and I just started reading the second part because I need to know what is going to happen.

Those were all my favorites for this month and I would love to know what yours are!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
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