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BOXYCHARM - June 2018 | Elizabeth Vasquez

Hello Everyone!

After much deliberation with myself, I took the plunge. Recently, I have been all about subscription boxes and finding one that not only gives me my monies worth, but has products that I am truly excited to try and use. 

This being my first BOXYCHARM box, I was way too excited about sharing the products that I received for the month of June. This is simply a quick overview of the products that the box contained (first impressions) however, if anyone would like a more detailed post on the product's quality themselves I would be more than happy to share my thoughts after having used the products a bit more. 

I have received Luxie brushes in other subscription boxes but never as a set. The Luxie brushes that I have received in the past have made their way into my everyday makeup application routine. The brushes themselves are soft and of great quality plus, who doesn't love rose gold?! This set includes: 

516: Due Fibre Powder
522: Tapered Highlighter
660: Precision Foundation

This is one of the products that I was most surprised to see in my box. For some time now I had heard about a "butt" cream that would make me stop doing squats at the gym. Now I know that this is an exaggeration, but I cannot be more interested in seeing exactly what this "magic" cream does. The smell is a nice, warm scent and is meant to absorb quickly into the skin.

When it comes to fake lashes, I am always the driver of the struggle bus. This year I have been much more open with the idea of using fake lashes as they can really transform and complete any makeup look. These lashes are the perfect combination of natural and yet still giving you a fuller look. The lashes themselves are soft to the touch and the band is very flexible, which I have found makes application much easier for me.

At the bottom of my box was this beauty. This palette has a combination of metallic and matte formulas. The shades themselves are a mix of warm earth tones and fun vibrate colors that you can wear together for a fun look. I did swatch all of the shades on my arm and the pigmentation was amazing. All of the shades are creamy and applied nicely. I am very excited to use this during the summer and get out of my comfort zone.

Liquid lipsticks have been my go-to lately and the shade Verona is everything I could ask for. The shade is a beautiful brown, nude that works perfect for an everyday look. I swatched this lipstick on the back of my hand and the amount of work it took to get it off makes me eager to see how how this wears throughout the day.

Last but not least was a creamy, waterproof eyeliner that was equally as difficult to get off my hand. The pencil glided easily on the skin while still providing a good amount of pigmentation. This seems to be a perfect pencil to run along the waterline without fear of it smearing everywhere throughout the day.

Overall I am very happy with the products that were included my the June box. I am confident that I will get good use of each of them and that some may even end up being in my June favorites. I have provided the links to where each of these products can be purchased in case you wish to get any yourself! I haven't been this excited for a subscription box in some time and cannot wait to see what I will be receiving next month. 

BOXYCHARM allows you to get a monthly subscription for $21.00 per month with the option to cancel at anytime. This box was paid for with my own money and all the opinions are my own. If you are interested in subscribing for your own BOXYCHARM, feel free to use my referral link


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