Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Covergirl Tru Magic - Sunkisser & Skin Perfector

Hello Everyone!

Covergirl has recently been releasing loads of new products and new collections. As you may know by my "What I Got For Christmas" post, I received the Covergirl Tru Magic - The Sunkisser and the Tru Magic - Skin Perfector in my stocking. Now that I have had some time to play with these products I will be sharing my thoughts about them.

These products are in regular plastic compacts, but are square shaped. The packaging itself is a bit bulky, but if you do use the sponge then you need the extra space. Unlike most compacst that now have the sponge below the product, these require you to put the sponge on top. I'm not a huge fan of using sponges since I do suffer from occasional acne, but these sponges are pretty great. They are really soft and the texture allows you to blend the product in a very natural looking way. The tops of the compacts are clear, which is great since you can see what product you are picking without having to open it or look for a label. In the collection there is a skin perfector (I'm guessing this could be a primer), a bronzer and highlighter. 

The Sunkisser is meant to be a bronzer that gives your face a natural "touch of sun" look. The texture is a balm that seems to blend and settle into a matte, powdery finish. These products were meant to be worn alone, under, or over makeup. This bronzer is very easy to blend, which was a bit of a surprise since the texture is so unique. The Sunkisser gives the most beautiful, natural glow that gives the face  a sun-kissed look (I lack complete originality when it comes to describing this without using the name somehow). It is easy to build up to contour the cheek bones and smooth enough to lightly bronze the rest of the face. The texture is not greasy and stays matte on the face for a decent amount of time.

Since there is no real explanation as to what the Skin Perfector's actual use is, I use it as a primer. This is perfect to use alone or under makeup. It's isn't the best to use over makeup since blending it involves moving around whatever product you already have on your face. Applying this with my fingers is what works best for my face. This smooths my face and blurs the look of my pores. It gives a matte look and feel without feeling heavy on the face. It is the same texture as the bronzer and keeps my face matte for most of the day. I do have oily spots on my face and this really helps to control the shine. This is a good primer for acne prone skin since it does not clog pores. This is to prefect primer to give a blank, smooth canvas for makeup. 

Overall I am extremely impressed with this new line that Covergirl released. They work great with all skin-types and are all natural looking. 

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
What are your favorite Covergirl products.
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