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February Favorites - 2014 | Elizabeth Vasquez

Hello Everyone!

Though most of you in college might know, these past couple of weeks have been mid-term weeks. This means loads of exams, research papers and presentations were due. As much as I love blogging, education must always come first (no matter how much I don't want to study or write papers haha). February flew by and I can't seem to remember half of it due to my stress and anxiety. I did have the chance to try loads of new things and I really enjoyed most of them. These were by far my stand-out products for this past month. As just a little heads up, I will be uploading a couple of outfit posts soon and am looking for suggestions on what else you would like to see on here.

February Favorites.

Some of these products are new and some of them I have already reviewed. I have link all products that have been reviewed previously.


 - L'Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray: I have reviewed this product here. Every since I started using this product, my hair has so much more volume. Since I was so used to using dry shampoos for volume I wasn't too sure how I would feel about this product. This has replaced all of my other products and I use it on a daily basis. The volume stays and doesn't need constant attention.

- L'Oreal Volume Filler Fiber Amplifying Concentrate: I have reviewed this product here. I used up all three of the tubes that were in this box and my hair is full of bounce. It literally feels as though I have twice as much hair as I did before. I plan to buy another box since my hair was super thin before. If you have a lot of hair, or thick hair, then one box of this should be fine.

- L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Earsing Balm: I have reviewed this product here. This is my favorite hair-care product at the moment. My hair looks so healthy and better than it did before I bleached it. It seems to have the shine that I lost when I decided to ombre my hair. It is not longer dry and there are no split ends visible.


- Orgins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask: The weather has been horrible this past month and it doesn't seem like it's going to change anytime soon. My skin has been so dry because of the cold and that is unusual for my skin. I use this mask almost everyday and I can see such a difference the next day. My makeup applies so much smoother since my skin is so hydrated.

- Tea Tree Oil: I have a review of this product here. My acne seems to have diminished so much since I stared to use this oil. I do get an occasional blemish, but I don't have the constant 15 mini spots all over my forehead like I usually did. It has an odd smell, but it fades and after using it for a while you get used to it.


- Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: I have rediscovered this bad boy this past month and fell back in love. This concealer is very creamy and has light coverage. I use this under my eyes to brighten them a bit, but if you have dark circles this might not have enough coverage. 

- Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder: I have not been very oily with the cold, dry weather so I haven't been using my usual makeup products. I love using this powder to set my makeup and just apply a very thin layer. This controls the little shine that I might have and does't feel heavy on the skin.

- Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation: If you are looking for a inexpensive foundation for the Spring, than this is what you need. This foundation has amazing coverage but doesn't feel heavy on the skin. This is extremely matte so if you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend this for you. it blends easily and lasts a long amount of time.

- Tarte Lipgloss (When in Rome): I have still been loving a nude lip this past month. This lipgloss looks absolutely gorgeous on top of nude lipsticks. There is glitter in the gloss, but not the glitter that you can feel when the gloss is gone. It has a minty smell and feel and is very sticky. This shade is just perfect for the Spring time and looks good on different skin tones.

- MAC Lustre Lipstick (Jubilee): This lipstick has found its way into my favorites again this month. Although the formula of the lipstick is a lustre, it is very creamy on the lips. It glides on with ease and feels amazing. This is the perfect nude color that doesn't look like your skin tone. If you want to invest in a MAC lipstick that you can wear on a regular basis, than I highly suggest this shade.

- NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palette: I simply cannot get enough of this palette. It includes a bronzer, highlighter and four blushes. This is perfect for travel since it gives you options and doesn't take up too much space. NARS blushes are simply amazing and this was a great deal for the quality of product that you get. The colors are great for anytime of the year and work on so many skin tones.

- Sleek Au Naturel Palette: I have been going for a single look for the majority of the month and I have used this palette (I will be making a post on the look soon so keep your eye out for it). The quality of these eyeshadows is so amazing for the price that you pay. This is a great natural palette that creates so many different looks. It is a combination of matte and shimmery shades. This palette is very well loved and preferred over some high end products.


- A recent love of mine has been midi rings. I was a little hesitant to wear these with the fear of losing them. My fingers are pretty thin and its hard to find a right size for them. I am so glad that I decided to try these because they just add a little something extra to an outfit. My rose gold heart ring and gold crown ring are my absolute favorite. I would have shown a picture of me wearing them, but my nail polish is so scary at the moment haha.

(Image taken from Google)

- After what seemed like an eternity, I got the chance to watch the movie Frozen. I will say that I cannot get enough of this movie. I went through so many different emotions while watching it and I am absolutely in love . It's so different than most Disney movies and it so family friendly. There's so many great messages within the movie and everyone should see it at least once. Like seriously, you need to watch this movie. No joke. Just do it. Please.

(Image take from Google)

- This song has been on repeat for the last couple of weeks. The music video might not be appropriate for younger viewers, but the song is super fun. Shakira and Rihanna's voices blend beautifully together and there is a bit of a rock edge to the song that I love. I have actually been on a Shakira craze lately and this song is tied with Hips Don't Lie for my most played song this past month. 

These were my favorites for the month of February. I normally write these post a bit earlier, but you know how demanding school is. I would love to know your favorites in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
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