Friday, November 1, 2013

October Favorites - 2013

Hello Everyone!
First I would like to apologize for my lack of blogging this past week. I have been really sick and swamped in homework and exams.
As you all know October is over and here are the products that I loved this past month. Most of these products are focused around the fact that I have been sick and waking up late for school almost everyday so you might quickly see a pattern here.
October Favorites - 2013

For my face I have really been loving the St. Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Scrub. I have tried the apricot ones and they didn't seem to do much for my skin, but this green tea scrub has really helped my skin stay under control with blemishes.
I recently rediscovered my love for the Re-Gen Cream. I have pretty normal skin but some dry patches. Due to the weather change my dry patches got really dry and was making makeup very difficult to apply. I found this cream in the back of my makeup table and knew this would help immediately. My skin already feels and looks so much better.

Like I mentioned before I have been really sick so help brighten my undereyes I have been using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles (Brightener). Making a V shape under my eyes, I blend this in with a brush and you see a huge difference in the look of your face.
To hide blemishes and dark spots I have been loving the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Concealer. This hides everything and lasts a really long time. It matches my skin perfectly which is difficult for my skin tone. I will apply this to my troubled areas and then just blend it in with my fingers.

I haven't gone too crazy with my eye makeup this month. It really has been very neutral and quick looks to get me out the door as fast as possible. Of course you can never go wrong with the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. What I love most is that you have everything that you need in one single palette so you don't have to search for other products. Also, this is the perfect size to throw in my handbag and take with me if I have to apply my makeup on the go.
Another neutral palette that I loved this month was the L'Oreal Colour Riche quad in Cupa Joe. If you are looking for an all matte neutral palette than I highly recommend this to you. It is perfect to make an amazing brown eye. It also has everything that you need so it is worth the price.

Since I have been going very natural for my eyes I have been wearing a bright lip to make my face look complete. Of course the perfect fall color for me has been MAC Rebel. It is just beautiful on all skin tones and if you can find it, you should totally get it.
Again to make my eyes look brighter I have been using the MAC Vanilla Pigment. Using a fluffy brush, I will put some in the inner corners of my eyes and they instantly look bright and awake.

My skin has been a total wreck recently so the Tart Amazonian Clay foundation has been my best friend. Although this says it is a full coverage foundation, it really isn't. I would say that it is medium coverage but very buildable. I don't know why, but my skin looks amazing when I wear this and it has become my favorite foundation at the moment.
Now I have talked about this product many times before and it is the Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo. I just love this stuff for a quick way to make my hair full of volume.

I have been obsessed with the Flannel scented candle from Bath & Body Works. It is more of a musky/manly smell and for some reason I can't get enough of it. I love getting these in mini sizes and just putting them all over the place during the Fall and Winter time.
Now the last favorite thing is a total random item. I found this unicorn ring in a set at Forever 21 and I wear it just about everyday. I have a strange thing about wanting to buy everything that has a unicorn on it and I have no idea why. This ring is just adorable and I'm so glad I found it.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
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