Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eco Tools Review

Eco Tools Eye Brush Set - 6 Piece
I know that when you go out to buy makeup brushes, it may be a little overwhelming. There's so many brands of brushes that claim to be the best that after a while all the brushes tend to look the same. I thought I would share my own personal favorite brush kit and hopefully make your life a little easier.
I had always been drawn to Eco Tools due to the fact that they are earth-friendly. The brushes are made of bamboo and of natural, recycled materials. The look of the brushes looked amazingly cute and at the price of just around $8 at Target, I figured I would give them a try. This was about two years ago and I still think these are some of my favorite brushes to use.
The feel of these brushes is soft, like extremely soft. Because they are meant for the eye area, which is a delicate area, I thought that these were perfect. It is horrible to have to use rough, hard brushes on the eye because it just make the whole experience of applying makeup miserable. The bristles of the brushes don't fall off easily, like you would expect from brushes of lesser value. Cleaning them is super easy and the bristles don't become hard afterwards. They are just as soft after you wash them as when I first bought them. I have had this set for quite a while now and the set still looks new.
This set is perfect for people just starting off and who aren't sure what to buy, or for on-the-go. This set is small and compact and fits in a makeup bag and doesn't take up a lot of space. Along with the mirrored pouch, the set includes a blend brush, crease brush, highlight brush, shade brush and smudge brush. This is just such a great combination to have in one collection that I recommend them to anyone looking for good quality, low priced eye brushes. These brushes are such great quality that I actually went out and bought more!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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