Monday, June 3, 2013

Freeman Peel-Off Mask Review

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Mask: Cucumber
It was not until recently that I discovered this product, but I sure am glad that I did. I'm very cautious of the products that I put on my face (mainly because I am horrified that I will have a strange reaction that causes my face to well up like a pumpkin). I was drawn to this product for the simple fact that it had Aloe Vera in it.
Again, I can not stress how much I love Aloe Vera! This plant is beneficial in so many ways that I am simply addicted to anything that has it. Aloe Vera works wonders on so many things that I trust almost every single product that has it as a ingredient.
Now, I am not sure about you guys but when I was in elementary school my friends and I loved to play with glue (there's a point to this story I promise!). We would put glue in our palm and with a finger we would spread it on our hand creating a thin layer. Then, we would wave our hands around to dry out the glue. When it was dry we would peel the glue off and see who had the best peel.
This mask is the exact same thing, but for your face! The mask, shockingly, smells exactly like cucumbers. You have to make sure you apply the product correctly. You don't need to completely drown your face in the product however, f you put too little the mask is very difficult to spread and just makes a mess! (Hint: I highly recommend not moving your face while you're waiting for the mask to dry. I found this to be the most beneficial.)
You would not believe how amazing your face feels after using this peel-off mask. My face feels so fresh and clean after peeling it off. The oil of my skin is completely gone and my face feels tremendously smooth. This mask is great to use during long weeks of wearing make-up daily. Whenever you feel the need to renew your skin and clear it of all your impurities, you should use this mask. The best part is definitely the price! For around $4 you are able to get MANY uses compared to single masks that are one-time-only and cost just about the same!
I highly recommend this mask since I have fallen in love with it. I am aware that Freeman has two other masks that have different purposes and I am really excited to try them out. This is perfect for a girls night and at home spa days :)
I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know of your favorite masks to use :)
I am not being paid to speak about this product, just sharing my own personal experiences!

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