Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blogmas Day 10 - DIY Christmas Room Decoration

Hello Everyone!
When it comes to decorating my room, I try to keep things as minimal as possible. I have a pretty small room so I try to keep it clutter-free so I don't get anxiety from all the stuff. I enjoy simple, cute decorations that I can either make myself or are inexpensive. Now I am obsessed with anything that has a snowman on it, so that inspired this decoration.

Supplies needed:
- Craft Paint (Black and Orange)
-Small paint brushes
-Fake Snow
-Christmas Lights
-Clear Vase
This decoration is super easy to make and looks adorable in any bedroom. You can make any design that you want like a Santa or penguin, but I like snowmen. You need to start with a clear vase. I liked this one because of the shape that it had and helped make the snowman have a figure. With the craft paint and paint brushes, I simply painted the eyes, smile, buttons and hands on the vase. With the orange craft paint I made a carrot nose and went back with the black to add details. Allow time for the paint to dry so that it stays on the vase. If you make a mistake, just take a wet towel and wipe it off. Once it is nice and dry take the vase outside or place it on newspaper. Spray the fake snow all around the vase making a thin, even layer. You don't want to spray too much and not be able to see the lights or face. Once that is dry just put the Christmas lights in the vase and turn them on. I recommend using white lights since it ties in with the snowman theme, but feel free to use any that you would like.
This is not waterproof, so you can't wash it. In fact some of the snow make come off if you are constantly touching the vase. What I like about this decoration is that I can wash off everything and decorate it for another season, or leave it clear and use it for another purpose.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
What is your favorite Christmas character?

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