Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I Got For Christmas - 2013

Hello Everyone!
I would like to first apologize for ending Blogmas so unexpectedly. I ended up getting very ill right before Christmas and left on my holiday break sooner than planned. After getting a few requests from some of my readers, I decided that I would do a What I Got For Christmas post. This not me bragging about the presents that I received. I am very thankful for all of these gifts and didn't expect any of them. I usually never ask for anything for Christmas, so getting a present is very unexpected for me. I am still waiting on a couple of gifts, but I wanted to get this posted up before the year ended.

My stocking consisted of mostly treats and Christmas snacks, which I absolutely love. My mom also got me a double-sided compact mirror. It is from the brand Bonnie Marcus & Company. When you open it, one side is a regular mirror while the other side is zoomed. There were also three limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoos: Matte Brown, Nude Pink, and Just Beige. I also received a limited edition Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Pink Grandeur. Two products that were in my stocking that I am super excited to try are from Covergirl. One is the Covergirl TruMagic: The SunKisser Skin Perfector Bronzer and the Covergirl TruMagic Skin Perfector Mattifier.

These gifts were all from one of my best friends and was put together in a little box. She gave me a Victoria's Secret makeup bag that I love. There were two Victoria's Secret panties, which she has this strange, almost obsession with giving me. A very adorable Victoria's Secret peppermint tin case was included as part of the gift. There was also two ring sets from the brand Maurices. One was a chain ring set and the other included five separate rings.

From her sister, I received a Bath & Body Works Wallflower refills set in the scent Japanese Cherry Blossom. This is by far my favorite scent, of all time from Bath & Body Works. I actually have one of these plugged in as I am typing this to make my room smell amazingly awesome. There was also a gold necklace and gold lightning bolt earrings. I have really been into accessories lately so these were perfect to add to my collection.

One of my guy friends gave me the Sephora Plum Daze Blinged Palette. It includes eight eyeshadows, a blush, and five lip glosses. He also included the Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper. I have been wanting to try this eyeliner for some time now, but for some reason never did. I am super excited to play with these and see how they work.

My brothers and their wives are very aware of how much I love football and the Dallas Cowboys so their gifts reflect that. One of my brothers gave me a Dallas Cowboys snuggie that I am obsessed with. It is so warm and cozy and has come in handy during these rainy/cold days. Another one of my brothers gave me a NFL Dallas Cowboys watch. I've never been one to wear watches, but this one is so cute. He also gave me a Victoria's Secret Bombshell gift set. It includes a body mist and body lotion. I love the scent and these are great to throw in my handbag or backpack. I also received a pair of owl earring because I love owls and have many owl earrings.

My aunt was sweet enough to give me a three piece set of makeup bags. The largest is a travel makeup bag that has loads of pockets on the inside. The middle is just a regular sized makeup bag and the smallest is a pencil case shaped one. I love how these are plastic and don't get glitter all over the place. They are also padded which is great way to protect my makeup. She also gave me a 15 piece brush and hair set. I am constantly breaking or losing these things so I'm so glad she gave me some.
I also received money from my parents and other aunt so that I could buy something that I wanted. Like I said before, I am so grateful for all the gifts that I received. I hope all of you all have/are enjoying the holidays and have a wonderful new year. Thank you very much for your support and I will speak to you very soon.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
What are your New Year's Resolutions??

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