Monday, December 16, 2013

Blogmas Day 14 - Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Hello Everyone!
Now I know that I am probably the last person in the world that is talking about this product. I actually ordered my palette when the first batch came out and when it was in stock. For some reason I didn't actually get mine until two weeks later, which (I'm not gonna lie) kinda bothered me. I ordered it immediately after being released so that I could get it fast, but didn't get it until it was already available in stores. Anyways here are some swatches and thoughts.

As you can see, the packaging of the Naked 3 palette is very similar to the Naked 2 palette. Now I'm kind of undecided on how I feel about it. I like to look to it and how big the mirror is. My one fear is that with the amount of times I open it, it will come apart on the rubber part in the middle. Like the Naked 2 palette, there is a double-sided synthetic fiber brush. I absolutely love these brushes since one side it good to pack on the color on your lids while the other is great for blending. There is also four samples of eyelid primers included, which again I don't know how to feel about. I would have preferred to get one bigger sized one that I could use more than once, than four that I would throw away after one use. The palette is the exact same price as the Naked 1 and 2 palettes.

-Strange: A very light baby pink shade. This is a matte shade that is a bit chalky. It is still greatly pigmented and very smooth.
-Dust: A light pink shade with a metallic finish. This does have a bit more fall out than the others and isn't the most pigmented.
-Burnout: A pink that is more on the peachy side. This has a satin finish and feels very smooth. It is easy to work with and has great color pay off.
-Limit: A light rose shade that has is more on the mauve/dusty side. This is also a matte, but isn't as chalky as strange. I absolutely love this shade.

-Buzz: A rose gold shade with a metallic finish. This has a bit of glitter, but is super easy to work with. It has great pigmentation and is so soft.
-Trick: A gold/peach/pink shade with metallic finish. This is very similar to Buzz in the formula and has great color pay off.
-Nooner: A pink that is more on the brown side with matte finish. Unlike the other mattes, this one is not chalky. It is a great crease color and a dream to apply and work with.
-Liar: A rose gold that is on the cooler side. This has a metallic finish and is one of the more pigmented shades in the palette.

-Factory: This is a bronze/mauve shade with a shimmery finish. In certain lights this looks just brown, but this has an amazing finish and pigmentation.
-Mugshot: Taupe with pink shimmer and metallic finish. This seems to be the smoothest of the bunch. The texture is just so soft and silky that it is unbelievable.
-Darkside: Deep taupe/mauve shade with shimmery finish. This has great color payoff, but does require some sort of primer for some reason. I think the formula is just a bit drier than the rest of them.
-Blackheart: Black shade with red shimmer in it. I love this shade even though the formula isn't as great as some of the others might be.
I think that this palette may be the most neutral of all three palettes. It is defiantly on the rose colored side. To be honest I feel as though this might be my favorite palette. This palette might not be entirely necessary, but if you have the chance I would highly recommend it. Overall I love Urban Decay eyeshadows over any other shadows. They are amazing and great to have in your collection.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
What are your thought of the Naked palettes?
Do you think there will be a Naked 4?

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