Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to School Series: Emergency Kit

Hello Everyone!
Now let me start off by saying that I'm not too sure how I have made it this far in life without breaking anything. If you get to know me you will quickly know that I am the most accident-prone person you will ever meet.
I will trip over nonexistent obstacles, bump into inanimate objects and walk into things constantly. I don't know why I do this, but I've done it my whole life. Because of all these reasons I found it essential to carry around my own personal Emergency Kit to help me get home alive haha! Now even if you're not as accident-prone as I am, it is still important to have some of these things with you to use during the day.

This is my Emergency Kit bag that I picked up in Sally's Beauty Supply for around $7.

1. Feminine Products - These are super important to constantly carry around no matter where I am. You never truly know when something is going to happen, so carrying these around with you just makes life so much easier. I have a few different kinds in my kit just in case someone else might need one. Us girls need to stick together during that cruel time of the month ha!
2. Band Aids - I learned to carry these around the hard way. Last semester I wore these insanely cute new flats to school and walked around campus all day. It wasn't until a long time later that I realized that they had actually cut the back of both my feet and the pain was horrible. During a break between classes I drove to a nearby drugstore and bought some things to clean-up the cuts and band aids to be able to make sure they didn't get infected. These have really helped me since I always cut myself on the randomest things.
3. Floss - These are literally sold any and everywhere. Just throwing some of these in a bag can really help you if you have food stuck in your teeth after lunch. I much prefer these floss sticks instead of actually floss that you have to stick your whole hand in your mouth to use.
4. Hand Sanitizer- I am a college student so I use this very often. I am constantly touching doors, chairs, desks, and computers that hundreds of other people have also touched. Having one of these really makes me feel safer when I go to lunch or am eating a snack between classes.
5. Hand Cream - Because I use hand sanitizer a lot, my hands tend to get a little dry throughout the day. I can easily pull this out and use and not have to worry about my hands aching.
6. Contacts Case - Now of course if you don't wear contacts then you really don't have to worry about carrying this. My classrooms tend to be freezing which makes my eyes a little drier than usual. If I ever feel that I just don't want to wear my contacts anymore or if I need to take them out to put drops in my eyes I know I always have my case with me. ( I also carry around solution for my contacts which is super important and eye drops.)
7. Lens Cleaner - When I do decided to wear my glasses ( again if you don't wear glasses you can skip this as well) I feel like I have to constantly clean them. I don't like looking through dirty glasses and this wipe makes sure I won't scratch or damage my lenses.
8. Tweezers - Since I do have very thick and dark eyebrows I feel like I have to constantly look over them. If for some reason I have extra time before I get off my truck to go to class I will quickly look over them. I can instantly see if there is a hair or two that needs to be plucked and can do so.
(these are a few products that I don't have in the picture above but still carry with me)
1. Gum - You never know when you'll have stinky breath.
2. Tissues
3. Umbrella - Obviously you can't put this in the bag, but I think you should have one with you. I like to have two in my truck, one in the front and one in the trunk.
4. Extra shoes - Again I like to have a spare pair of shoes in the trunk of my truck just in case the ones that I am using are bothering me.
5. Sweater - And again I will have one of these in the trunk just in case the weather decides to change and you need one. I just started doing this because of the crappy weather we have been having in South Texas. It has literally been horrible.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Do you have an emergency kit?
What would you carry??

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