Saturday, September 28, 2013

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous

Hello Everyone!
After a while of refusing to give into the hype of this product, I finally gave in. The only reason why I didn't want to try this foundation was because I already have so many others that I love and use. For some odd reason I thought I would just try this out and see what everyone was talking about.
Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation
Covergirl claims that it has: Lasting power of a primer, coverage of a concealer, and blendalbility of a foundation in one. Shine free.
Because my skin is slightly acne prone I find it difficult to find primers that will not cause minor breakouts. There's also an issue with my skin tone. I've been told many times before that it is rather unique and at times is difficult to color match. Taking these factors into consideration, I picked up the color 855 in Soft Honey and it seems to match my skin tone pretty closely. I can honestly say that I completely understand what all the hype was about this foundation.
This foundation really helps to smooth out any lines that I have on my face and makes my pores look less visible (and I have really big pores around my nose area). This foundation also helps to protect my skin from the sun since it has SPF 20 in it. This is a great cover for my hyperpigmentation that I have which tends to be really dark and diffult to conceal. It is very easy to blend and to work with. One pump is all that you need because a little goes a long way with this foundation. The coverage is medium with about half a pump, but can very easily be made into full coverage with a whole pump.
The packaging is great since it is glass and has a pump like I have already mentioned before. Because of the primer in the foundation you can confidently wear this all day without fear of it wearing off. For under $10 at most drugstores you can get an amazing foundation that is worth all the hype that it is getting.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Is there anything that you would like me to review?
What do you think of this foundation??

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