Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to School Series: Lazy Hair Styles

Hello Everyone!
Now I know we all have those days where you know you have to go somewhere but just don't have the energy to do your hair. For you guys that are in school like me, you are bound to have days where you wake up with just enough to throw clothes on and run out the door to get to class on time. Regardless of your reason, I think that everyone should have some quick and easy hair ideas to get out the door quickly.
Here are some of my favorite hair styles that I use when I'm just to lazy to take the time to do my hair (most days haha!).
For this look you will need a headband of any sort:

I have naturally very straight hair. On days where I just don't feel like doing anything I will go for this style. I will simply brush my hair through, apply some anti-humidity cream and a bit of hairspray on top. Then I will put on a headband and done!

For this look you will need a hair band and hair grip:
A fish-tail braid is my go-to look when the weather isn't as its best. I know that I won't have to really worry about my getting too out of control. To do a fish-tail braid you separate your hair into two sections. Then taking a small piece of the back of one section, you cross is over into the other and repeat this step to the other side. You will keep doing this until you get to the very end. Now this took me a while to get used to doing, but it's not as difficult as it sounds. I will then take a hair grip and pin back my fringe.

For this look you will need sea salt spray:
This is one of my favorite and most used hair styles. I will usually shower at night and blow dry my hair before I go to bed. In the morning all I to is add little bit of anti-humidity cream and then spray my Got2B sea salt spray all over my hair. Now I like to flip my head upside down and scrunch my hair for a bit more volume, but you can just scrunch your hair however you please.

For this look you will need a hair band:
Now this look is pretty self explanatory. I won't put anything in my hair that morning. I will flip my head upside down and gather all my hair on the top of my head. I will then spray a bit of hairspray to get the little hair settled down. I love to also spray some sea salt spray and scrunch my hair to give my hair a bit of volume as well.

For this look you will need two head bands and tons of hair grips:
This look is rather hard to explain how to do but I will try my best. Just like the previous look, I flip my head over and gather all my hair at the top of my head. (Here comes the tricky part) As I am holding my hair in one hand, I will then wrap the hair around my fist and grab the end of it into my hand. Basically you are making a circle of hair around your fist. I will grab a hair band and put it onto my hair leaving a mess at the top of my head. This is the step where you create the shape of the bun. I will just move my hair and twist it around until I get something that I like. Using the other hair band I will put it on my bun. Now use all the hair grips to put little strays into place and shape the bun again. Make sure they are the color of your hair so that you can't see them and use as many as you want. Add a little hair spray and you are good to go!
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
What are your favorite Lazy Hair Styles?

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