Sunday, September 8, 2013

L'Oreal Le Matte & La Laque

Hello Everyone!
A couple of weeks ago I went to Target with the intention of buying one specific product. If you live in the U.S and have ever been to Target, you know that that drugstore has magical powers. It makes you buy anything that you might not exactly need or want, but have to have. Lets just say that a basket full of beauty products later I didn't end up finding what I went to Target for in the first place.
I did end up buying loads of amazing products that I will be writing about soon so keep an eye out for those!
L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Laque and Le Matte Full Coverage Lipcolours
Le Matte - 404 Matte-r of Fact

La Laque - 411 Never Lacque-ing

Left - La Laque
Right - Le Matte
I was on the search for deeper colors to wear on my lips for the Fall and Winter seasons that are coming up. Since I hadn't heard much about these particular products I thought I would give them a go and see what I thought of them.
The first that I fell in love with was the Le Matte in Matte-r of Fact. Now I cannot go through this post without mentioning how adorable the name is. It is super cute and I can't help but like products that have names like this. The shade is a rather deep red which I quite enjoy. Like the name says this particular shade is matte. This lipcoulor is super pigmented to the point where you have to be careful when applying it. It isn't particularly a lipstick but rather similar. Being that it is matte I was expecting that it would dry out my lips, but it did not. Also the wear of this shade is amazing. You do not need to be constantly touching it up and can feel secure that it will stay on the lips.
The next shade Never Laque-ing is part of the La Laque collection, again I love the name. Now I normally would never buy a lip product in this shade because I felt that it wouldn't go right with my skin tone, however I just thought "What the heck" and bought it anyways. I must say that I really enjoy this shade and lipcolour. It is super creamy on the lips and gives a hint of shine without having the severe lip gloss effect. This product is also super pigmented so a little goes a long way with this bad boy (or girl ha!). I think that this shade would go beautiful on people who have tanned skin but are afraid that some light pinks will look a little weird on them, trust me it doesn't.
I'm not too sure if it is just the drugstores near me, but I have only been able to find these lipcolours in Target. They are available in a couple of shades in either Le Matte or La Laque. They are around $7.99 and totally worth it.
Hope you enjoyed this review :)

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