Thursday, September 26, 2013

Real Techniques - New Location

Hello Everyone!
I wasn't planning on making this post, or any post today, but I ran across something that I couldn't help sharing with my lovely readers.
After class today I stopped at Walmart to see if a shade of eyeshadow was available that I had been wanting for a while now. I didn't find it and was about to leave when I spotted something in the corner of my eye. If you read the title then I'm pretty sure that you know what I'm talking about by now. YES Real Techniques are available at Walmart. I wasn't too sure if it was really them so I went over and was so pleased to find out that they were!
I was so excited and bought all of the available sets that they had!
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Travel Essentials 2.0

Core Collection 2.0

Starter Set 2.0
By now most of you have heard how amazing these brushes are, but for those of you that haven't, if any, I will explain. Samantha Chapman is a Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger. She created these brushes to help applying makeup an easier process for everyone. These brushes are of amazing quality. They are super soft and each of them severe a specific purpose. These are my favorite brushes as the make my makeup look flawless.The bristles don't fall off when you wash them and they remain soft afterwards. 
The Travel Essentials 2.0 kit has three brushes in it: an essential foundation brush, a multi task brush and a domed shadow brush. The Core Collection 2.0 kit is also made up of three brushes: a pointed foundation brush, a buffing brush and a contour brush. The last kit is the Starter Set 2.0 for eyes. It has a base shadow brush, a deluxe crease brush, a pixel-point eyeliner brush and brow brush. If you are a beginner or just someone looking for amazing quality brushes, then I highly recommend giving these brushes a go.
These were the only brushes that I saw at the store and the first time that I saw them. I'm not too sure if the individual brushes are sold as well, but will let you guys know as soon as I find out.
These sets were $14.98 each, which is a great bargain for the quality of the brushes.
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Let me know if you spot these at your local Walmart!
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